LTA Switches from Physical Letters to SMS Messaging for Road Tax Renewal

20 September 2018

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Transport, which spearheads land transport developments in Singapore. They design, build and enhance the nation’s road and rail networks. Previously, LTA issued physical road tax renewal letters to motorists to inform them about their road tax due date.

SMS Notifications Using Moobicast’s SMS Gateway API

Moobicast’s SMS Gateway API is designed to help businesses connect text messaging with their company application, site or system with ease. LTA uses Moobicast’s SMS Gateway API to integrate SMS notification service into their internal systems.

This year, motorists who have their mobile numbers registered with LTA will receive SMS notifications instead of physical letters. With the help of Moobicast’s SMS Gateway API, LTA has the flexibility to send customised SMS notifications such as “Road tax for SJSXXXP will expire on 30 Jul 18. Pls meet the prerequisites and visit to renew your road tax promptly.” Once motorists have renewed their road tax, another notification will be sent to inform them that their road tax has been renewed successfully and their next road tax expiry date.

How LTA Benefits from Using Moobicast

  • In comparison to direct mail, SMS messaging is significantly less expensive to deliver messages.
  • Reduce late road tax renewal as the reminder notification is sent right to the motorist’s mobile phone.
  • Text messaging is an instant and eco-friendly form of communication to reach out to motorists.

“We feel honoured and privileged that LTA has chosen to use Moobicast to deliver such an important notification message. When using SMS as a notification channel for road tax renewal, the chances of someone missing an important notification is vastly reduced. In the above use case, LTA covers all of their bases and ensures motorists receive the road tax renewal notifications at the right time, through the most effective channel,” says Hiew Wee Soon, Founder & Business Director of

Written by Michelle Goh

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