SIMplify your customer communications with SIM hosting

5 September 2019

Amidst the digital revolution, SMS remains an important channel for customer communications. In view of its lasting popularity and widespread usage, businesses are seeking solutions to help them with the increasing SMS volumes and demands for greater customer engagement. Find out how SIM hosting comes in as a suitable solution for your SMS based customer support needs.

What do you need to know about SIM hosting?

Traditionally, using a dedicated number comes with its limitations as access is restricted to a single device. All customer interactions are concentrated on one mobile phone, making the handling of conversations complex and time-consuming since only one person can access customer enquiries at any one time.

SIM hosting is a communications solution that allows businesses to conduct two-way messaging with their customers using a dedicated number across a secure SMS gateway. What’s different between this and using a regular SIM card is that your SIM card will be hosted on a modem that can forward SMS replies to a variety of platforms other than your mobile phone.

What benefits can SIM hosting bring to your business?

1. 24-hour global coverage

Your messages can only have an impact if they are delivered and opened. The SIM hosting SMS gateway runs 24/7 with worldwide deliverability so you can send and receive messages anytime, anywhere. Along with the 98% open rate for SMS, SIM hosting ensures that all your customers are more likely than not to receive and read your messages.

2. Multi-destination remote access

Multi-destination forwarding directs messages to a variety of platforms outside of the mobile phone for agents to access messages remotely and conveniently. This allows agents to reply and receive messages regardless of time and location for maximum productivity.

3. Real time monitoring and reporting

Keep your customer support standards in check by accessing message reports to have an overview of your business' communication activities. Evaluate the effectiveness of your communications strategy and uphold quality support for optimum outcomes every time.

4. Cost effective solution

SIM hosting does not require you to invest in the building of technical infrastructure or software development. You only pay for the messages you send thus every dollar spent goes to providing your customers with the best experience. Enjoy seamless SMS communications at an affordable price with SIM hosting.

5. Consistent communications

SIM hosting makes keeping in touch with customers a pleasant experience for people on both ends of the line. The dedicated long code makes every interaction feel more personal and allows businesses to communicate with customers using a consistent number that customers will eventually associate to the business in the long run.

6. Two-way communications

The two-way messaging capability opens up opportunities for interactive conversations and for customer support agents to help customers with any queries they may have. This makes each message more valuable and effective since the interaction does not simply end at “read”. Kickstart conversations with your customers that will further their interests, answer their questions and increase the chances of successful transactions.

How can your business implement SIM hosting?

Moobicast helps you with the set up of SIM hosting so you can focus on connecting with your customers. All you have to do is provide us with the SIM card from your preferred telecommunications provider and leave the rest to us. It’s really that SIMple!

Contact us to get your SIM hosting started today!

Written by Si Min

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