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At Moobicast, we offer different APIs with diverse SMS capabilities to support your business goals. Find the best way forward with our reliable and scaleable SMS APIs, with the provider you can trust.

Seamless SMS API Integration through:


If you have an existing POS, CRM, ERP, or CMS backend, Moobicast can trigger any of the following using an SMS Gateway API in Singapore:

Payment Information
Confirmation of
Online Purchase
Mobile Vouchers

How it Works

Our SMS Gateway API helps you push text messages to your customers instantly or on a schedule, keeping them updated. The messages notifies them of new products and promotions, reminders, well wishes, appointments and more.

For example, integration with your CRM allows you to trigger an SMS to your customers on their birthdays when you connect our SMS Gateway API to your system in Singapore. In the text message, you can offer exclusive celebratory promotions and also create awareness of your latest products and services! This can help to drive traffic and sales, and provide a dedicated customer experience to boost brand loyalty.

When you choose Moobicast, SMS API integration with your software or application is incredibly quick and simple. We aspire to be the best SMS API provider in Singapore, and help take your business to greater heights with smart solutions and systems powered by technology and innovation. Click here to view our SMS marketing platform.

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