SMS Marketing: How it can skyrocket your business in no time

1 March 2022

Every business hunt for ways to reduce its expenses and enhance its profits. Whether you own a large, well-established business or a small startup that spends above $1 out of every $10 it makes through marketing, almost every type of organisation is more interested in cost-effective strategies for their business marketing.

SMS marketing is one of those cost-effective strategies that can skyrocket your business in no time. With everybody from a teenager to a retired person having their smartphone, SMS marketing is a strategy you should consider as it’s an inexpensive and mobile-friendly option.

People has been using SMS messaging in the last 3 decades to communicate with friends and family. Now, you might be wondering how you can use it to build rapport with your existing customers or prospects. Or how does it differ from email marketing?

SMS marketing is effective because of the ease and flexibility it adds to a user’s life. You can use it to say thank you to your customers after a purchase to show gratitude. You can send them an invitation to your new store that opened in their area. Moreover, you can conduct surveys and get their opinion about a product or service. An SMS message is regard as a more personalised approach than a billboard or an email, you need to know the nitty-gritty things before starting an SMS campaign.

Read on to learn why SMS marketing will be relevant now and in the future.

The power of SMS marketing in 2022

As of 2022, every individual owns a smartphone, and all the cellphones these days support short messages, which make SMS marketing a valuable marketing strategy. SMS marketing is about using short promotional messages for promotions or product marketing.

It has been stated by the World Bank that for every 100 persons, there are 109 active mobile subscriptions. This provides a good enough analysis that almost everybody owns a phone and shows the possibility for a business to generate more sales through SMS marketing. Moreover, an average mobile user in the US spends 23 minutes to 4 hours reading texts on their mobile phone. That also presents SMS as an ideal platform for businesses to attract more customers.

What are the different ways to leverage the power of SMS Marketing?

Businesses with SMS marketing have established an instant, effective yet simplest way to retain customers. Their customers can reach out to them for service or product inquiries, billing details, or appointment bookings. Additionally, SMS marketing can be used to promote e-commerce marketing by:

  • Sending event updates
  • Shipment confirmations with order details
  • Offering the option of placing quick order by text
  • Sending updates about discount offers and new items added
  • Sending coupons for the 2nd purchase to get a discount or stand a chance to win prizes from lucky draw

How can your business leverage on SMS marketing?

SMS marketing has many great benefits that separate it from digital marketing, email marketing, or traditional marketing.

  1. SMS opening rates are higher. For emails, we usually select all and click on "mark as read." But, for SMS, we usually read a text message within seconds of its arrival. A survey has confirmed that 95% of the SMS are read and replied to within 3 minutes.
  2. Messages are delivered in no time and received immediately. So, you can avail the option of bulk SMS messages by using SMS marketing software for time-sensitive messages. For example, if you want to inform your customers about the sales ending in the next 2 hours, you can set up a SMS marketing campaign.
  3. You can do SMS marketing on a shoestring budget. For businesses that are just a startup and looking for affordable advertising plans, this will work as a low-cost strategy for getting leads.

Bottom Line

As a marketing manager or a business owner, you need to understand different tactics for SMS marketing that can help boost conversion rates, foster loyalty, and build relationships with customers. As a communication channel, if used correctly, it can help you reach billions of customers conveniently and immediately. The open rate and response rate for SMS are always high. Try this well-executed marketing strategy to stand out from the crowd today.