Bulk SMS and the Future of Customer Communication

2 March 2018

With the arrival of the digital age, bulk SMS has experienced a rebirth despite the entry of new methods of customer communication. To survive in competitive industries where customers have high expectations, companies need to decide on the customer communication tools most suitable for their businesses and effectively manage them.

One key customer communication trend of the future is the rise of mobile solutions, including bulk SMS. Here are the reasons for the rebirth of bulk SMS and its benefits that can be reaped:

1. High engagement rate and timeliness: 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt

People have a natural curiosity to check the content of their SMS messages as soon as possible. Thus, this tool is ideal for companies to bypass customers’ resistance to sales and to advertise their current promotions.

2. Large reach, even globally, with no internet connection required

Bulk SMS is different from new communication methods like email or mobile apps that require some form of internet connection. In addition, bulk SMS providers are able to reach customers located overseas.

3. Important messages can be delivered at the most precise moment

The travel industry, especially the airline companies, use bulk SMS to convey crucial and time-sensitive information like flight delays and cancellations to their passengers.

4. For scheduling purposes and customer convenience

Many online retail companies use bulk SMS messages to send confirmations of purchase and notices of shipping to their customers, as a form of customer service. Thus, customers have the convenience of scheduling their activities around the estimated delivery time.

5. Two-way messaging is possible: Instant response is encouraged

Potential customers can be easily identified by encouraging their response to the first bulk SMS message. Interested customers can then be attended to by the direct salesforce. Besides, activities such as contests, voting and surveys can be easily managed and carried out via bulk SMS.

6. Relatively low cost, high return on investment

With each of the bulk SMS sent out costing as little as a few cents, it is a cost-effective customer communication tool. Therefore, the return on investment is relatively high.

7. Easy to use, implement and monitor

SMS campaigns or broadcasts can be carried out through a bulk SMS internet portal or with a laptop installed with the user-friendly software. With this, the company is able to track the real-time status of the campaign. It can learn about the type of marketing content that works best for its business.

Hence, with the many advantages that bulk SMS has, it’s the future of customer engagement. Companies searching for a low-cost, effective and user-friendly way to communicate with their customers can definitely consider bulk SMS as a leading tool of choice.

Written by Michelle Goh

About the Author

Michelle is the product marketer at Maven Lab. She loves all things marketing and enjoys eating her way through the world. Say hello on Instagram!