How businesses are making connections using WhatsApp Business

22 October 2019

Customer engagement makes the difference between a one-time purchase and a returning customer. Keeping customers in the loop sustains the connection between your business and the customer. WhatsApp Business comes in handy for customer engagement with templates that speed up the distribution, simultaneously preserving the personal aspect of customer service by enabling the inclusion of customers' name and other unique details in the message.

The ubiquity of WhatsApp has signaled for businesses to establish themselves on this platform to be on the same page as their customers. With a variety of applications, no two companies use WhatsApp Business the same way. Let's take a look at how different businesses are using WhatsApp Business to bring their communications strategy to life.

Appointment making and reminders

Any services ranging from haircuts to cooking classes involve making appointments. Businesses providing such services need to make sure that all appointments are made successfully. Some businesses even extend their responsibility beyond the minimum to remind customers about their scheduled sessions. This is important especially when it’s an appointment made weeks or even months in advance as there's a high chance of customers forgetting their arrangement.

Customers appreciate it when businesses go the extra mile but in order to ensure that such customer support does not take a toll on the resources available, businesses need to opt for an effective and efficient way to manage the scheduling of appointments and sending of reminders.

Many businesses have chosen WhatsApp Business as their right-hand man to communicate with customers regarding their appointments. WhatsApp is a platform familiar to both businesses and customers with multimedia messaging for contextualized conversations. After customers make an appointment, businesses will proceed to send them a confirmation message to assure them that they have secured a slot. Nearer to the appointment date, a reminder message is sent along with the option to switch their appointment date in the event that they are unable to show up. The two-way messaging allows these interactions to take place with message templates making it even easier for businesses to send customized reminders in bulk to a large pool of customers.

Exchange and refund of purchases

Packages get delayed and products suffer damages from a not so smooth shipping journey. These things happen but thankfully, most businesses come prepared with an exchange and refund policy. However, these processes can take some time and even then, turn out unsuccessful which can leave customers with quite the bad impression.

To facilitate the exchange and refund process, businesses have adopted WhatsApp Business, for fuss-free interactions. Customers can send images for agents to analyze the extent of the damage and agents can also provide clarifications to customers who are new to the procedure. The quick instant messaging platform speeds up the process, allowing customers to make their exchange or refund quickly and easily.

Customer support helpdesk

The digital age has transformed the way businesses conduct customer service and we now witness a customer support scene made up of both human and digital interactions. The way we see it, customer support can neither be entirely human or robotic. The human and technological aspects of customer support work together harmoniously to deliver a seamless experience.

This equilibrium in customer support is well sought after by global businesses and many have successfully achieved this balance using WhatsApp Business. Whether customers are too shy to make the call or overwhelmed by work, instant messaging presents itself as the next best option for customer service.

Unlike a call that can only be kept on hold for a few minutes, messages are much more wait tolerant as they will still be present after some time in the event of insufficient manpower during peak hours. Customers can send enquiries easily to the business’ WhatsApp hotline and receive replies promptly through the same platform. Complex queries can be substantiated with multimedia references such as images and even video tutorials. The rich communication environment makes WhatsApp Business the ideal platform for customer support hence the ever-increasing number of businesses establishing a helpdesk on WhatsApp Business.

What do you think?

Indeed, WhatsApp Business is a versatile application suitable for businesses of any size. If you would like to find out more about WhatsApp Business and the features installed, go ahead and check out our previous article: Everything you need to know about WhatsApp Business.

Already convinced? Sounds like you have some ideas up your sleeve. The good news is that there’s no need to stick to one function. Try out the different ideas you have in mind and see what works best for your business. With the array of features and amazing flexibility, you simply can't go wrong.

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