Text Marketing Statistics You Should Know in 2021

27 January 2021

Texting is still better than most marketing techniques in 2021. Why? Let’s explore!

About 65% of the world’s population rely on texting as a primary means of communication. That’s a huge market to capture, and most people can receive text without enabling any special feature on their phones. 98% of text messages are read within 3 minutes; on the other hand, an unsolicited email will end up in the Junk folder, which the potential customer may have a high possibility of not seeing it.

Why choose SMS Marketing over Google Ads, Email Marketing and Social Media Ads?

Access to texting
65% of the world’s population has access to texting
10x more likely than email and social media ads
Likelihood of purchasing products/services
91% of customers are more likely to purchase the products/services than other advertising solutions
Buy again
2x as much than others
7x better conversions and sales than Google Ads, email campaigns and social media ads
Response Rate
209% higher response rate than other channels
Customers prefer receiving SMS over other channels
More than 75% customers prefer receiving SMS than other channels
Opted in to receive SMS
48.7 million customers and counting while many are unsubscribing from receiving email offers

The recent pandemic has changed the way people shop, and customers will rely even more on online shopping in 2021 than ever before. With the integration of SMS into your eCommerce store, you can keep in touch with your customers and offer personalized products and services though texting. The best way to interact with your customers is to add that human touch and personalized experiences into every communication you have with them. By reaching out to them on a medium where they do not need to install any new app or enable mobile data or internet package; you will be able to boost your sales.

Reports indicate that customers engage at least 10 times more with coupons and offers sent to them via text, and that they are 91% more likely to engage in shopping offers that are customized and relevant to them.

You can use text messaging to upsell and ask for feedback even after a customer visited your physical shop or purchased your products online. Most of the email marketing campaigns such as promotions, new product releases or newsletters often end up in the “Junk” folder of the email Inbox; however, in the case of texting, the customers screen the message themselves, and if they are interested in buying from you at the start, it is twice as likely that they will purchase from you again.

Text marketing is better because it is 7X superior performing than email marketing and has a response rate of 209%, which is far greater than Facebook and other advertising channels. The reason being it’s much easier to receive, read, and respond to a text than any other marketing channel.

75% of buyers prefer receiving text over email updates; therefore, it is highly recommended for brands to use SMS messaging to engage with their customers. You can trigger an SMS to your buyer as soon as they place an order, or any other update related to their transaction automatically.

It is calculated that 48.7 million customers have opted to receive SMS and prefer SMS updates over email by the end of 2020 and in 2021, this number is expected to double. SMS is more personalized, and customers would receive and to open an SMS instantly, way before an email or any other push notification. Receiving an SMS requires the customer to be in the cell coverage area only. It does not depend on the data connection or the availability of an Internet connection. Overall, you can see that all the statistics point to the fact that SMS marketing is more effective than any other advertising channel.