The Ultimate Guide to SMS Marketing

12 August 2021

Do you remember the time you check your mobile in a day or what you do when you get a SMS notification on your phone? Studies have shown that 90% of SMS recipients open them within three minutes of receiving them. This means that, compared to other communication channels, SMS is more likely to be read by your target audience.

SMS Marketing can change a customer's perception of a brand when done correctly. Let's look at how SMS is the best marketing strategy to make your brand more popular like never before!

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing or Text Message Marketing is a marketing strategy that involves sending promotional campaigns or transactional messages to the target audience for marketing purpose. It is a permission-based service that allows users to opt-in and out at their discretion. As a result, businesses communicate with only those who are interested, which increases their effectiveness.

SMS has become a trusted engagement technique for businesses all over the world. The average consumer has evolved over the last few decades. Customers now value speed and convenience above all else, particularly when it comes to communication.

SMS, as you may know, is Short Text Messages sent directly to a phone number. SMS marketing is the practice of sending messages to a large number of recipients in order to share news, coupon codes, and useful business information, among other things.

How SMS Marketing Works?

You'll need a messaging software to run an effective SMS campaign. When it comes to choosing the right messaging software, a plenty of options are available out there to choose from. Web-based messaging software allows for quick and efficient bulk messaging on a budget.

Using web-based software is easy and quick. You just need to create your message and select the contacts you want to reach. The software automatically sends an SMS to each recipient with a single click. You can also customize how the messages are delivered, use schedule messaging, and take advantage of other intelligent features.

SMS marketing can have a powerful impact on sales in addition to helping you build your brand. They have a sense of urgency that compels audiences to act quickly, such as buying a product or signing up for a service. The guarantee that a customer will see an SMS almost immediately makes it a worthwhile investment.

Reasons Why SMS Marketing Is A Better Strategy

Following are some adequate reasons why SMS marketing strategies are proven best to make your brand grow!

1) Promotions

SMS promotions are frequently used in text message marketing. The benefit of a promotion is that it is exclusive: if done correctly, only users who receive your SMS campaigns can take advantage of this offer.

Promotions are an excellent way to increase both online and in-store purchases. They also have a more extended deadline, so you can ensure that users have enough time to redeem the offer.

2) You Can Contact Anyone, In Seconds

A single SMS message or auto-response is usually delivered within 5 seconds of being sent. According to the study, 98 percent of text messages are read within three minutes of being sent. As a result, texting is an excellent medium for a time-sensitive offer or flash sale.

3) Lower Spam Rates

According to recent research, 20% of all commercial emails end up in the spam folder. This is precisely why text marketing regulations exist. It's a well-known inbox, and no one wants to see it suffer the same fate as email. This is also advantageous for brands that obtain express written consent. You don't have to worry about your messages getting lost once they've been sent.

4) Lesser Personal Details Required

While SMS marketing allows you to communicate with customers more personally, therefore you do not need to gather much personal details to carry out an effective SMS marketing campaign. In comparison to email or other forms of direct communication, client's name and phone number is the only thing that you need to begin with the process. The majority of people don’t like the process of entering personal information into websites and this boosts the appeal of SMS marketing.

5) Promotion of a Brand

SMS marketing is more than just selling products and services. Developing a relationship with your customers is one of the most effective ways of SMS marketing. It can be used to update customers about products and promotional offers, and provide great customer service. Such services aid in the reinforcement and popularisation of brands.

Top-Notch Tips of Successful SMS Marketing

  • Make It Fun: SMS is a very personal and informal channel, ideal for fun campaigns. Consider games, promotions, polls, interactive content, etc. Take advantage of the opportunity to provide enjoyable and memorable customer experiences.
  • Give Multimedia A Chance: You are not limited to SMS messaging. You can also use Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). You can use this to send images, video clips, and even YouTube links with your list.
  • Amplify the Exclusivity:When you text a special offer to a customer, let them know they're a VIP. By subscribing, they've joined an exclusive community that is entitled to top-secret, special deals that regular schemers don't get. (Getting a deal that anyone can get isn't as attractive.)
  • Increase the Seriousness: An open-ended offer will be quickly forgotten. When a customer notices an expiration date and realizes their time is running out, they are much more likely to respond with the information you require, take advantage of the deal, and so on. Make them feel a sense of seriousness and a desire not to miss out.
  • Keep It Brief:What is your first thought when you hear a ding or feel a buzz alerting you to a new message? You take a look at your phone. Everyone else feels the same way. Here's the deal: You've got their attention, and you only have 160 characters to persuade them to take action. Short and to-the-point is the way to go.


As you can see, SMS marketing is a channel that provides high performance at a low cost. If done correctly, SMS marketing can benefit any business – and this article can help you to plan your SMS campaign effectively. Keep in mind to be respectful of your audience. Consider your reaction if you received that specific message, and don't send it if it's not important enough to merit an SMS.