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As of August 1, 2018, WhatsApp has opened up Application Program Interface (API) for business accounts. As an official WhatsApp Business Solution Partner (BSP) and provider, we offer a communication and marketing platform that integrates WhatsApp Business Solutions to take your customer support in Singapore and beyond to the next level. We will guide you through the entire WhatsApp onboarding process, and help you get your account verified by WhatsApp.

Achieve More with Moobicast + WhatsApp Business Solution in Singapore

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Singapore Whatsapp API Solution Provider

Easy to Use WhatsApp Business API

Seamless Whatsapp Integration to your own apps, sites or systems to send and receive text messages, pictures, audios, links and emojis in Singapore and across the globe.

SG Whatsapp Business API

Fast & Reliable Messaging

Leverage WhatsApp business API to send WhatsApp alerts and notifications reliably to communicate and provide great support to your customers.

Singapore Whatsapp Business Solution Provider

Multi-Agent Support

Customer queries, requests or feedback sent via WhatsApp can be managed and handled by several agents at the same time.

Singapore Whatsapp Business API

AI Powered Chatbots

Use chatbots to answer customer queries automatically and cut customer service overhead costs. Automate answers to repetitive questions and let your team focus on more important tasks.

Whatsapp Business API SG

Secure End-To-End Messaging

Communicate securely with your customers using WhatsApp Business API’s reliable end-to-end encryption which ensures messages are turned into a secret message and decoded only by its final recipient.

Singapore Whatsapp Marketing Solutions

Analytics & Reporting

Gain insight into your team’s performance and use the metrics to anticipate customer needs and increase satisfaction through our interactive dashboard.

Benefits of Moobicast’s WhatsApp Business Solution in Singapore

Customer Profiling

Drive High-Level Customer Experience

Having a comprehensive understanding of your customer is key to creating great customer experiences. With Moobicast’s WhatsApp Business API, your agents will obtain access to customer profile and preferences such as their purchase history, preferred flight seating, or if they go by Bella instead of Isabella.


Accelerate your Team’s Productivity

Now several agents can easily handle multiple, simultaneous chats at once, and escalate chats to a supervisor whenever they require further assistance. Unlike WhatsApp web where only one agent can serve customers at any given time.

Artificial Intelligence AI

Enhance Customer Engagement at Scale

Even the most sophisticated bot will eventually encounter a complex issue it can’t solve. Moobicast’s WhatsApp Business Solution leverages the bot + human hybrid to empower your customer support in Singapore and overseas to reduce customer fall outs and response time. WhatsApp messages are intelligently and seamlessly routed to the right agent when the bot encounter a problem.


Generate More Sales Leads

WhatsApp is the number 1 mobile app we use on our phones daily to communicate with friends and loved ones. When you use WhatsApp for marketing, you can be assured that your message will be read by your target audience by almost 100%.

Let’s Compare

Moobicast + WhatsApp Business VS WhatsApp Web

Send/receive messages
Auto replies
Multiple agents
Ticket management
360-degree customer view
Transfer chats between agents
Skill-based routing
Chat and agent reports
Broadcast Message

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A Few Frequently Asked Questions

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It takes between one to two days for WhatsApp to approve your WhatsApp Business account.
Moobicast is an official WhatsApp Business Solution Partner and provider. It has everything a business needs to effectively manage WhatsApp marketing campaigns, track results, and build better customer relationships. Customer requests will become tickets within Moobicast, and agents can respond efficiently through WhatsApp within Moobicast.
To proceed, simply WhatsApp us by clicking on this link to chat with us or fill up the “talk to an expert form” here.

One of our sales representatives will then guide you through the process.

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