7 Creative Ways to Use WhatsApp Business for Marketing

7 Creative Ways to Use WhatsApp Business for Marketing

14 Aug 2023

In the digital age, where competition for customers’ attention is fiercer than ever, the WhatsApp Business Platform has emerged as a shining beacon for businesses seeking to forge genuine connections with their audience. Beyond being a mere messaging app, it has evolved into a dynamic powerhouse that enables businesses to weave captivating narratives and create lasting impressions through strategies such as WhatsApp marketing solutions. In this article, we will explore some creative ways you can leverage the platform for your marketing efforts.

1. Personalised Customer Support

The WhatsApp Business Platform offers a significant benefit in its instant and direct messaging feature. This advantage enables businesses to excel by delivering personalised customer support.

Customers appreciate quick responses and solutions to their queries, and the WhatsApp Business Platform allows you to do just that. Create a dedicated customer support line where customers can reach out for assistance, product inquiries, or issue resolutions. This approach helps in building stronger relationships with your customers and fosters trust in your brand.

2. Exclusive Promotions and Offers

Everyone loves to feel special, and you can make your customers feel just that by offering exclusive promotions and offers through the WhatsApp Business Platform. Send out limited-time discounts, early access to sales, or unique promo codes to your WhatsApp subscribers. By making them feel like VIPs, you encourage brand loyalty and create a sense of excitement around your offerings.

3. Product Sneak Peeks

Generating curiosity and anticipation around your products or services can significantly impact their success. Use the WhatsApp Business Platform to share sneak peeks and teasers of upcoming products or new releases. Engage your audience with captivating images or short videos that leave them eagerly waiting for the launch. This approach not only builds excitement but also helps in generating pre-orders and leads in mobile commerce.

4. Interactive Contests and Polls

Turn your marketing efforts into a fun and interactive experience for your audience through contests and polls on the WhatsApp Business Platform. Organise contests that require participants to send creative images or answers, or conduct polls to gather valuable insights about customer preferences. This encourages engagement and helps you understand your audience better, allowing you to tailor your offerings accordingly.

5. Behind-the-Scenes Stories

Humanising your brand can significantly impact how customers perceive your business. Share behind-the-scenes stories and glimpses of your team and workplace through the WhatsApp Business Platform. Let your customers see the people behind the brand, their passion for their work, and the efforts that go into creating your products or delivering services. Such stories create a sense of connection and authenticity, strengthening the emotional bond between your brand and its customers.

6. Customer Feedback and Testimonials

The WhatsApp Business Platform provides an ideal medium to collect customer feedback and testimonials. After a purchase or service experience, send a follow-up message asking for their thoughts and suggestions. Positive feedback can be used as testimonials for promotional purposes, while any negative feedback provides an opportunity for you to address issues and improve your offerings.

7. Product Tutorials and Tips

Position your brand as an expert in your industry by sharing product tutorials and helpful tips through the WhatsApp Business Platform. Tailor your content according to your offerings, delivering instructive visuals, detailed walk-throughs, and practical advice to assist customers in maximising their purchases. This approach of sharing value-added information will elevate the customer experience and foster lasting engagement with your brand.


WhatsApp Business offers a myriad of creative opportunities for businesses to enhance their marketing strategies. By leveraging its direct and personal nature, you can build strong relationships with customers, generate excitement around your offerings, and provide value to your audience.

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