What is SMS marketing and how do you get started with it?

21 January 2019

Buzz. You’re walking down to your office, coffee in hand, and your phone buzzes with a text notification. You slide your phone out of your back pocket and see that your favourite shoe store is having a promotion all week, with 50% off the second item you purchase. You think to yourself, maybe I’ll stop by after work, just to reward myself a little. That night you return home not only with dinner, but with two new pairs of shoes to boot.

SMS marketing is that simple, and that effective - the consumer receives the notification, sees what’s happening with your business, and decides to go in for the kill. So what’s stopping you from capitalising on it?

How exactly does SMS marketing work?

SMS marketing is pretty simple to understand and execute. Here are the steps you’ll need to take:

  1. Create your own consumer database
  2. Craft a promotional marketing message
  3. Find a reputable SMS marketing company that provides the bulk SMS service

1. Create your own consumer database

A customer database is important because it helps you keep all your customers’ information in one place, making it easy for you to keep track of all that information. It also helps track your regular and loyal customers, so that you can offer them special deals or promotions to keep them with you.

Microsoft Excel is the best way to create an extensive consumer database. Not only is it easy to organise all the data you have, it’s also compatible with our product Moobicast to allow you to import all customer contacts hassle-free.

2. Craft a promotional marketing message

Promotional marketing messages are easy to craft and effective - that is, if you’re doing it correctly.

First off, you need short, easy-to-understand instructions for your customer to follow. What do they need to do? What will they get in return? Have these instructions as clear cut as possible to avoid confusion or misunderstandings with your customers.

Secondly, keep your text as concise and enticing as possible. You need to get your customer interested with minimal but convincing words. This makes it easy for them to read your message in seconds and consider your offer quickly.

Last but definitely not the least, personalisation makes your messages twice as powerful and gives them a human touch. Have the names of your customers in every message so they feel like it’s been tailored for them, convincing them a bit more to go for that promotion you’re having.

3. Find a reputable SMS marketing company that provides the bulk SMS service

Every SMS marketing company has a slightly different way of providing their services, but most times, it boils down to getting your promotions to your customers. Here at Moobicast, we’ve streamlined that process, and made managing your campaign a far easier job. Here’s how Moobicast makes SMS marketing simple and efficient for you.

Getting Started With Moobicast

Moobicast works in a way that allows you to send out messages and monitor your campaign through mobile or from any web browser, without needing to download a software. Using Moobicast, you’re able to access your campaign anytime, anywhere.

Using Moobicast has three easy steps:

  1. Fill in our fields and upload your customer contact list
  2. Schedule your broadcast if needed
  3. Click ‘proceed’, and you are done!

After you craft your promotional marketing message, less than five minutes is all you need to get your message out there to your customers.

With Moobicast’s SMS marketing services, your promotions can reach your customers in the fastest way possible. Sign up for Moobicast today, and watch your business grow.

Written by Odelia Hiew

About the Author

Odelia is an intern at Maven Lab. She likes fried chicken and bubble tea, but enjoys writing the most. You can find her binge watching TV shows or typing away on her laptop.