How to Use WhatsApp APIs to Drive Engagement for Your Brand

How to Use WhatsApp APIs to Drive Engagement for Your Brand

14 Nov 2022

The best approach for your business to effectively maximise WhatsApp’s potential is to use the WhatsApp Business API, which can rapidly reach large global audiences.

The WhatsApp Business API applies a low-cost and flexible model, which enables businesses to target customers based on location, demographics, or real-time behaviour. The API also enables businesses to send various content, including text, images, voice, and video. It connects your business phone number and WhatsApp account, enabling you to send messages directly from your company account. With this integration, you can automatically send marketing messages to your customers, allowing for better brand recognition and awareness.

Here are four effective ways to leverage WhatsApp Business API to increase customer engagement for your brand:

1. Handling time-sensitive notifications

With a verified WhatsApp business account, you can utilise the automated WhatsApp Journey Builder to address customer requests and send out prompt updates, such as time-sensitive deals, inside the WhatsApp platform. Having a conversation with your customers and reducing human error rates will increase your rapport with them.

In the journey builder, you can also set up rules to send automated replies based on the nature of the incoming message. For example, if a customer makes a purchase and receives an order confirmation, you can set up the business account to send a welcome message with a link to download the order receipt. Similarly, you can set up rules to send automated replies based on the time of day or the day of the week when the message was received.

2. A hybrid customer service strategy that ensures customer satisfaction

Although it is great that a rule-based WhatsApp business solution provider can handle customer queries, there can be times when the customer needs to speak with an agent due to having complex queries.

It is essential to link a Live Agent feature to your WhatsApp Business account so that a representative can address queries that WhatsApp Journey Builder cannot comprehend. This may also be the case if an agent is needed to finalise the setup process or troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Live Agents are also essential for serving customers outside of regular business hours. Depending on your business’s operating hours, a Live Agent can enable your business to respond to inquiries at all hours of the day.

3. Broadcast offers, loyalty points, and reminders

Customer engagement can be boosted by using your WhatsApp Business Account to communicate product marketing campaigns, current offers, reminders, and redeemable loyalty points directly to customers’ contacts.

You can also personalise your messaging to increase the success of your marketing campaign. Accomplish this by integrating your CRM with your WhatsApp Business Account. With the integration, you can get in touch with your existing customers and strive to keep them engaged.

4. Set up a WhatsApp account as your “contact us” option

Rather than using conventional methods of communication with customers, such as emails or phone calls, use WhatsApp as your “contact us” function.

WhatsApp has a high open rate and is the common approach for communicating with customers compared to other channels or mediums due to its ease of access. It offers various ways to interact with your customers, including chat, automation, multimedia messaging, message templates, and more. Moreover, the WhatsApp chatbot can connect with customers around the clock and provide prompt responses.

5. Get real-time customer service and product feedback

Businesses typically gently ask customers for product and service feedback through email or SMS. However, such emails are disregarded or not opened most of the time. With a WhatsApp Business API, you may not only get immediate feedback for your products and services, but you can also get users to re-engage.


Adopting the WhatsApp Business API is a great way to leverage the messaging app’s potential for your business. The API offers a low-cost, flexible model that lets you reach customers based on location, demographics, and real-time behaviour. It enables you to send a variety of content, including text, images, voice, and video, and it connects your business phone number and WhatsApp account so that you can send marketing messages directly from your company account.

With Moobicast, you can create and schedule messages with a wide range of options, including sending a single message to multiple contacts, scheduling messages that are delivered at specific times, and setting up a message campaign.

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