What are Dedicated Virtual Mobile Numbers?

Dedicated virtual mobile numbers (sometimes referred to as long codes, virtual numbers, or virtual SMS numbers) allow you to receive and send SMS over the internet, without the need of a SIM card or purchasing an actual telephone line.

How it Works

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78% of consumers believe that SMS is the fastest way to reach them; coupled with that 98% of SMS are actually read, and over 90% of those are read within 3 minutes of being received.

Key Benefits of Dedicated Virtual Mobile Numbers

High Speed

We support high throughput, enabling you to receive SMS text messages at high speed (up to 20 SMS/sec).

Premium Quality and Reliability

Our state-of-the-art network that connects to the Telco’s Short Message Service Center (SMSC) ensures the most reliable and speedy delivery.

Maximize Cost Savings

Dedicated virtual mobile numbers are hosted in the cloud, hence there is no need for expensive hardware or line rentals.

Separate Personal and Business Communications

Get a new number for your business that’s different from your personal number. By doing so, you can project a more professional image for your company.

Great Flexibility

Dedicated virtual mobile numbers are compatible across any and all devices, which enables you to conduct business under a professional image no matter where you are.

Fast to Set Up

Unlike phone systems that require a lot of lead time to set up, dedicated virtual mobile numbers can be set up and working within minutes.

A Few Frequently Asked Questions

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Setting up dedicated virtual mobile numbers for your business at Moobicast is simple

Step #1: Choose the number you want above and click Buy.
Step #2: Key in your details on the registration page.
Step #3: Login to our platform and make payment.

Moobicast provides user with an additional Singapore number upon activation without the need of an extra SIM card. User can always use their Moobicast number to SMS anyone even when they are not on our web messaging platform.

A dedicated virtual mobile number works exactly like a mobile prepaid line. User can receive and send SMS to any number.
The cost for sending the SMS is just the standard charge made by your customers’ mobile operator for sending a message. Moobicast never charges your customer for sending a text message.
Yes, you can have as many Moobicast dedicated virtual mobile numbers as needed.

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