A Guide to Using WhatsApp Business API for Maximum Reach

A Guide to Using WhatsApp Business API for Maximum Reach

16 Jan 2023

There is more to reaching a greater target audience than just having an online presence. While it is an essential first step, many others follow to achieve this massive goal critical to a business’s success. Another vital step is to be directly part of your customers’ lives, which is now made possible thanks to WhatsApp for business.

While traditional communication channels and even digital ones like email still work, they leave much to be desired when it comes to meeting consumer demand. Thus, to better connect with their target audience, organisations need to communicate with them via channels they already use, such as the globally popular WhatsApp platform. By using this universally favoured channel, businesses can interact with their customers and vice versa at their convenience, making the latter likely to see the former’s messages and interact with them more regularly.

Moreover, WhatsApp’s high global penetration rate means engaging with customers from different geographies can all be done through a single channel, facilitating communication and simplifying the task of tapping into new markets. Below, we share a quick guide on leveraging the WhatsApp Business API to reach as many potential customers as possible.

1. Get familiar with WhatsApp Broadcast

WhatsApp Broadcast essentially sends bulk messages to a list of recipients using the WhatsApp platform. When used with the WhatsApp Business API, this feature allows businesses to send messages to an unlimited number of people in one go, even if they have not added you to their contacts list. However, they can only receive your messages provided they first opt-in to WhatsApp notifications from your business.

WhatsApp Broadcast only permits non-transactional notifications, so the best messages to send would be informational alerts, relevant offers, and anything else WhatsApp approves to be a high-quality Message Template. Broadcasting promotional messages to keep your target audience in the loop is undoubtedly one of the top reasons for adopting the WhatsApp Business API, especially considering their 98% open rate, which is similar to SMS and double that of conventional channels like email.

Although your broadcast list of recipients can have as many contacts as needed, it will ultimately be limited by your WhatsApp API account’s Messaging Tier.

2. Reach the highest Messaging Tier as soon as possible

The Messaging Tier dictates how many contacts a WhatsApp Business API account can message simultaneously. Higher tiers allow users to send more messages to unique contacts in a rolling 24-hour period.

There are five Messaging Tiers in the WhatsApp Business API:

  1. Unverified Trial Tier – Message 50 unique Contacts within a rolling 24-hour period
  2. Tier 1 – Message 1,000 users in a rolling 24-hour period
  3. Tier 2 – Send messages to 10,000 users in a rolling 24-hour period
  4. Tier 3 – Send messages to 100,000 users in a rolling 24-hour period
  5. Tier 4 – Send messages to unlimited users in a 24-hour period

These limits only apply to business-initiated messages, such as broadcast messages. Therefore, businesses should act fast to get their account promoted to a higher Messaging Tier and get to Tier 4, allowing unlimited users to make the most of each broadcast. Depending on your WhatsApp solution provider, you may start at the Unverified Trial Tier or Tier 1 after your phone number registration.

3. Leverage the API’s multi-agent and multi-device feature

Although chatbot integration enables automatic replies to common customer queries and issues, they are not an interactive nor effective way of quickly resolving more complex problems. One of the significant upgrades of the WhatsApp Business API over the base WhatsApp Business is that multiple users and devices can use it. And this is where the WhatsApp human escalation pathway comes into play, which essentially requires human support agents to be readily available to take over a chatbot conversation should a user require further assistance.

Neglecting to provide a Live Agent feature typically leads to businesses suffering from low-quality ratings and a flagged status on their account number. Should the status remain for seven days or more, WhatsApp could restrict the account’s messaging limits, affecting critical features such as WhatsApp Broadcast. Therefore, it is best to employ a sizable team of agents working in shifts around the clock for quick resolution on complex queries and issues the WhatsApp Journey Builder may have trouble with to avoid chatbot frustration and a negative user experience.

4. Be creative with your content

With the advanced WhatsApp business API, businesses can better deliver impactful conversations with their audience that drives improved engagement and customer service. One key factor that facilitates this is WhatsApp’s enriched messaging formats and multimedia support, making it popular with the public. This includes images, videos, files, documents, geo-location, and more.

Hence, organisations should try to add a twist to their messages when using the WhatsApp Business API. Of course, they should always prioritise their brand identity when crafting messages. But given that WhatsApp is a casual messaging app, it is also recommended to use words and tone of voice that best connects with their target audience—be it using a few slang words, emojis, or anything else that can add value to the message.

With many other interactive features in tow, including profile pictures, stories, status, group formation, and so on, brands have all the tools they need to create engaging content that gets them closer to their customers.


With WhatsApp’s established global user base numbering in the billions and counting, there is no better solution that can extend your organisation’s reach to the maximum. Get started with WhatsApp Business API today with Moobicast and realise this extended reach sooner than later. Leverage our flexible platform that excels in sending bulk messages via WhatsApp as well as SMS with high customizability, from scheduling delivery times to setting up promotional broadcasts and everything in between.

Should you need assistance getting started with your WhatsApp or SMS marketing in Singapore, please contact our customer service team at +65 8799 6394 via WhatsApp or SMS. Alternatively, you can use our online support.