6 Reasons to Adopt SMS & WhatsApp for Sales Marketing

6 Reasons to Adopt SMS & WhatsApp for Sales Marketing

21 Nov 2022

Business communications pose many challenges, ranging from effectively managing internal employees’ interactions to external customers, potential leads, and everything in between. Staying on top of numerous conversations can introduce not only unwanted confusion but also waste valuable time.

Adopting SMS or WhatsApp into business communications brings many value-added benefits that affect customer engagement and other core aspects of the business, such as marketing. Below, we go over how businesses can adopt SMS and WhatsApp for their sales marketing needs to keep ahead of the game.


1. Improved customer support

Connecting with the brand’s core audience and potential leads through a platform they already use is the best way to quickly offer necessary customer support, whether it’s deciding between products or services, or providing details about the company and what it offers.

Businesses can take advantage of WhatsApp’s instant messaging to ensure that customers no longer have to deal with frustrating customer service and that they get the answers they need the moment they send an inquiry, preventing dissatisfaction and loss of interest. Besides always being available to answer questions and offer support, the WhatsApp Business API can provide timely alerts and notifications covering everything from appointment reminders and order statuses to delivery updates.

Online shoppers want proactive notifications regarding the status of their orders as it helps them keep tabs on and feel less anxious about the progress of their purchase. WhatsApp Business API allows for integrating business accounts with the brand’s logistics aggregator, enabling timely updates about order statuses and shipping alerts.

2. Easier brand promotion

WhatsApp is one of the most effective marketing channels, with a 99% open rate1, and is one of the leading platforms for running promotional broadcasts and enhancing customer communication.

WhatsApp has a broadcast feature that lets businesses advertise ongoing promotional events, product launches, sales, and more, making it easier to engage customers with appealing offers. With the help of automation, these broadcast campaigns can also be scheduled and planned to keep customers in the know about offers they may be interested in.

3. Brand identity

Developing a brand identity tailored to the WhatsApp platform should be the first step in a WhatsApp marketing strategy. Most businesses today are continuously looking for fresh ways to beat the competition. However, businesses must establish a personal connection with their audience if they want to forge a lasting relationship with them. The only effective method to do this is by developing a distinctive brand identity for their business.

A creative brand identity is a critical component of an effective marketing strategy. One way is to build a strong brand presence while paying close attention to the reception and reputation among the target audience. Businesses that have cultivated an engaging brand identity have a greater chance of building long-term relationships with their customers.


1. Global platform with extensive outreach

The extensive availability of mobile phones is one of the key factors contributing to SMS’s effectiveness. Global mobile penetration has reached a record-breaking high with over 5.1 billion users2. Moreover, some nations may restrict popular instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, which affects brand outreach. Furthermore, all mobile devices support SMS services, irrespective of age or functionality.

2. Dependable method of communication

SMS is one of the most dependable forms of communication in use today and has been around for more than 25 years. Meanwhile, spam filters and ad blockers continue to be obstacles to email and mobile advertisements. SMS, on the other hand, continues to be a clear and reliable channel for connecting with customers.

SMS is also a dependable method for establishing a two-way conversation. Response rates to texts are eight times higher than those to emails. This will give businesses the confidence that their communications will aid in developing customer relationships.

3. Economical

In today’s competitive marketing landscape, advertising and other methods of customer communication can be incredibly costly. With SMS, businesses can deliver SMS messages for fractions using an online SMS platform. These costs are notably to be significantly lower than the regular SMS rates supplied by carriers.

Communicating via an SMS gateway also yields a significant return on investment (ROI). Text messages have an astounding 36% click-through rate3. As a result, SMS is an ideal business tool for linking to websites, increasing engagement, or providing news and updates.


A gateway provides a unique environment for organisations to interact with their target audience in real-time, bringing the two together. By integrating it into their communication platform, businesses can better manage customer communication, allow for more personalised interactions, and show their target audience that they are valued.

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