Overview of WhatsApp Business Platform’s New Pricing Model

Overview of WhatsApp Business Platform’s New Pricing Model

17 Apr 2023

WhatsApp has recently announced changes to the pricing model for its Business Platform, which will take effect on June 1st, 2023. These changes are aimed at enhancing the communication experience between businesses and their customers on the platform. Let’s take a closer look below to learn more about these changes.

Operating Mechanism of the WhatsApp Business Platform

On the WhatsApp Business Platform, there are two sorts of conversations: those initiated by users and those initiated by businesses. For the latter, pre-approved message templates are necessary to start the conversation.

After a messaging session is initiated, either by the user or the business, the business is granted a window of 24 hours to interact with customers, where they can automate or customise the conversation using pre-approved templates, chatbots, or customer service agents, depending on their needs and preferences.

Once the window has elapsed, the company can re-engage with active opt-in customers by sending business-initiated messages. This system enables businesses to provide a personalised and interactive environment for their customers, allowing them to provide tailored services and increase customer satisfaction.

WhatsApp Business Platform’s Changes and New Features

The current pricing model for the WhatsApp Business Platform offers the first 1,000 conversations each month for free, but this will now only apply to user-initiated conversations. As a result, businesses will no longer receive free usage for business-initiated conversations. However, WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) holders will still receive 1,000 free user-initiated conversations each month.

As part of the new pricing model, WhatsApp is now providing an additional benefit for businesses. To focus on enhancing the usage of its other products, WhatsApp is introducing a new offer of 72 hours of free-of-charge service when a user starts a conversation through Facebook or Instagram. This includes interactions via Facebook or Instagram advertisements, as well as Facebook Page call-to-action buttons.

WhatsApp’s Motivation for Making the Change

WhatsApp’s recent pricing changes for the WhatsApp Business Platform aim to maintain the quality of conversations on the platform.

Under the new pricing model, businesses will be charged a price per message, varying depending on the recipient’s location. The updated model includes more depth to customer conversations and touchpoints, aligning with the company’s vision of delivering the ultimate customer journey on WhatsApp Business. The platform now offers marketing messages, notifications, and other exciting features in addition to services.

To implement this new pricing strategy, WhatsApp has introduced four conversation categories:

  • Utility: These are conversations initiated by businesses that often revolve around transactions, such as purchase confirmations, notifications, and recurring billing statements.
  • Authentication: Security is the priority in these conversations, which enable businesses to authenticate users with one-time passwords at various touchpoints, including account registration and recovery.
  • Marketing: Businesses can use these conversations to promote products or services to their opted-in customers.
  • Service: These conversations are initiated by users and aim to address their inquiries and concerns.

This updated model enables businesses to align their communication costs with actual usage, providing better insight into their impact and the ability to tailor their efforts to better suit customer needs.

The Significance of the WhatsApp Business Platform

Despite the possible increase in costs, the WhatsApp Business Platform remains a valuable tool for customer communication and marketing. With over 2 billion active users, WhatsApp provides businesses with a vast reach and the ability to engage with customers in a personalised, conversational manner.

To navigate the upcoming changes in pricing, businesses should evaluate their current WhatsApp Business Platform usage and consider optimising their communication strategies to make the most of the 1,000 free user-initiated conversations each month. This may involve segmenting their customer base, prioritising high-value conversations, and providing relevant and timely information to their customers.


The WhatsApp Business Platform pricing changes will undoubtedly impact businesses that rely heavily on the platform. However, with thoughtful planning and optimisation, businesses can continue to leverage the vast reach and conversational capabilities of WhatsApp to drive engagement and growth.

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