6 Tips for Making the Best Use of WhatsApp Business API

6 Tips for Making the Best Use of WhatsApp Business API

19 Dec 2022

As with any powerful and complex system, there is a learning curve to using the WhatsApp Business API. Discover a few tips on how you can make the most of it.

5 Best Practices for Building an SMS Marketing Campaign

5 Best Practices for Building an SMS Marketing Campaign

12 Dec 2022

Effective marketing requires adequate planning and a process. Discover the best practices that can guarantee the success of your SMS marketing campaign.

WhatsApp Business API: 6 Signs It’s Time to Make the Upgrade

WhatsApp Business API: 6 Signs It’s Time to Make the Upgrade

05 Dec 2022

If your business is still using the WhatsApp Business app, discover the 6 signs it’s time to upgrade to the WhatsApp Business API for increased functionality.

4 Key Differences Between SMS API and WhatsApp Business API

4 Key Differences Between SMS API and WhatsApp Business API

28 Nov 2022

SMS and WhatsApp are two of the most popular platforms for business marketing these days. Discover the key differences between these trusted messaging channels.

6 Reasons to Adopt SMS & WhatsApp for Sales Marketing

6 Reasons to Adopt SMS & WhatsApp for Sales Marketing

21 Nov 2022

SMS and WhatsApp offer plenty of benefits that improve business communication platforms. Learn what its features are and the reasons to adopt them today.

How to Use WhatsApp APIs to Drive Engagement for Your Brand

How to Use WhatsApp APIs to Drive Engagement for Your Brand

14 Nov 2022

WhatsApp Business APIs are a low-cost and flexible model that can benefit businesses. Discover how it can drive engagement for your brand in this post.

Marketing with WhatsApp and How It Can Drive Increased Sales

Marketing with WhatsApp and How It Can Drive Increased Sales

7 Nov 2022

WhatsApp marketing is one of the best ways to introduce conversational commerce in online shopping. Get to know the main ways it can help to drive sales.

SMS & WhatsApp API Integration: How It Benefits Organisations

SMS & WhatsApp API Integration: How It Benefits Organisations

1 Nov 2022

Customer communication is vital to any business’s success. Learn how integrating SMS/WhatsApp Business API help make this success a reality sooner than later.

2022 SMS Marketing Statistics: 6 Surprising Facts

23 May 2022

With most other marketing methods being highly expensive, SMS is no doubt the most cost-effective approach if you want to engage with your target demographic and develop your brand.

4 best practices to protect your customers from SMS scams

04 March 2022

With recent bank scams on the rise, customers are getting more vigilant about spotting fake links and SMS messages that could lead to their entire savings being wiped out in minutes. However, scammers are getting scarily ingenious with spoofed SMS messages that are almost identical to the real deal. From realistic looking SMS headers to messages with claims of suspicious activity and card suspension warnings, all it takes is one mistake to land both the business and their customer in a lose-lose situation.

SMS Marketing: How it can skyrocket your business in no time

1 March 2022

Every business hunt for ways to reduce its expenses and enhance its profits. Whether you own a large, well-established business or a small startup that spends above $1 out of every $10 it makes through marketing, almost every type of organisation is more interested in cost-effective strategies for their business marketing.

The Ultimate Guide to SMS Marketing

12 August 2021

Do you remember the time you check your mobile in a day or what you do when you get a SMS notification on your phone? Studies have shown that 90% of SMS recipients open them within three minutes of receiving them. This means that, compared to other communication channels, SMS is more likely to be read by your target audience.

SMS Marketing Effectiveness in 2021

27 July 2021

The unfortunate events of the global pandemic have had a massive effect on many aspects of our lives. Due to worldwide lockdowns, we were forced to move most of our interpersonal interactions into the digital world, shop online, and, whether consciously or unconsciously, increase our screen time as a result.

How The New Privacy Policy will Improve Whatsapp Customer Engagement

25 February 2021

WhatsApp has about two billion people that are registered on the app. Although not all these users contribute actively to its customer engagement monthly, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used social media platforms.

Text Marketing Statistics You Should Know in 2021

28 January 2021

About 65% of the world’s population rely on texting as a primary means of communication. That’s a huge market to capture, and most people can receive text without enabling any special feature on their phones. 98% of text messages are read within 3 minutes; on the other hand, an unsolicited email will end up in the Junk folder, which the potential customer may have a high possibility of not seeing it.

SMS Marketing for E-Commerce: What should you know?

27 October 2020

SMS was the first instant messaging medium that mobile phones brought to our life. Even before the touchscreen, before Android and iOS, we have been using SMS messaging to deliver information that doesn't require a phone call. Also, SMS messaging has always been considered less intrusive than a phone call.

How One-Time Passwords (OTPs) work and why you should use them

28February 2020

In our world today, current cybersecurity measures just aren’t enough anymore - hackers are getting smarter, and your customers’ safety online can be compromised far too easily. You need to take it a step further and make sure your customers’ data is protected, and we have just the way to get that done.

Written by Odelia

How businesses are making connections using WhatsApp Business

22 October 2019

Customer engagement makes the difference between a one-time purchase and a returning customer. Keeping customers in the loop sustains the connection between your business and the customer. WhatsApp Business comes in handy for customer engagement with templates that speed up the distribution, simultaneously preserving the personal aspect of customer service by enabling the inclusion of customers' name and other unique details in the message.

Written by Si Min

The guide to WhatsApp Business message templates.

3 October 2019

WhatsApp Business is a platform exclusive to businesses that allows them to communicate with customers via WhatsApp. Businesses need to use message templates to start conversations with customers thus message templates are essentially the foundation of all business-initiated customer interactions. Read on to gain a better understanding of message templates and start connecting with your customers confidently using WhatsApp Business.

Written by Si Min

SIMplify your customer communications with SIM hosting

5 September 2019

Amidst the digital revolution, SMS remains an important channel for customer communications. In view of its lasting popularity and widespread usage, businesses are seeking solutions to help them with the increasing SMS volumes and demands for greater customer engagement. Find out how SIM hosting comes in as a suitable solution for your SMS based customer support needs.

Written by Si Min

What is SMS marketing and how do you get started with it?

21 January 2019

Buzz. You’re walking down to your office, coffee in hand, and your phone buzzes with a text notification. You slide your phone out of your back pocket and see that your favourite shoe store is having a promotion all week, with 50% off the second item you purchase. You think to yourself, maybe I’ll stop by after work, just to reward myself a little. That night you return home not only with dinner, but with two new pairs of shoes to boot.

Written by Odelia

6 SMS Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season

10 December 2018

With Christmas just around the corner and the school holidays just midway through, everyone’s in the mood for some holiday festivities. It’s the best time for you to roll out some amazing promotions to make Christmas shopping just a little easier for your customers, and what better way than through SMS marketing? Here are 6 SMS marketing tips to jazz up your holiday season.

Written by Odelia

LTA Switches from Physical Letters to SMS Messaging for Road Tax Renewal

20 September 2018

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Transport, which spearheads land transport developments in Singapore. They design, build and enhance the nation’s road and rail networks. Previously, LTA issued physical road tax renewal letters to motorists to inform them about their road tax due date.

Written by Michelle

Bulk SMS and the Future of Customer Communication

2 March 2018

With the arrival of the digital age, bulk SMS has experienced a rebirth despite the entry of new methods of customer communication. To survive in competitive industries where customers have high expectations, companies need to decide on the customer communication tools most suitable for their businesses and effectively manage them....

Written by Michelle

Best Practices for Using SMS Marketing for a Small Business

1 March 2018

There are many best practices small businesses can adopt when employing SMS marketing to reach out to their customers. With the rise of the digital age, the ability to transfer information has grown freely and quickly. To maximise the benefits of SMS marketing, it is important for businesses to identify the best practices of SMS marketing.

Written by Michelle